We are an advocate for physicians and patients, supporting them with unsurpassed integrity, regulatory compliance, and clinical expertise. Our pledge to deliver the highest professional operating standards in the laboratory service industry coupled with ongoing research and support exemplifies our commitment to being provider engaged and patient-focused.

At Gravity Diagnostics, we believe our testing capabilities can and will reduce the drug abuse and addiction of controlled substances. By providing pharmacogenomics testing before medication is prescribed to get the right drug, the right dose the first time in conjunction with providing toxicology testing to closely monitor patients and prevent abuse or addiction, we are giving physicians the tools necessary to prescribe with confidence.

Gravity Diagnostics is a full-service CLIA Laboratory licensed in all 50 states focused on Toxicology, Genomics, and Infectious Disease testing. Located in Northern Kentucky right outside of Downtown Cincinnati we are passionate about working with local government, academic institutions and other area businesses to reduce the Opioid Addiction issues facing our community and nation.


Pharmacogenetic testing can help guide providers on medication treatment. Our technology analyzes and predicts how individuals will respond to medication based on their individual genetic make-up.

Fast Results
Gravity Diagnostics understands the importance of delivering accurate patient results as soon as possible in effort to help guide patient care and improve outcomes. We pride ourselves on meeting and beating industry standards on all tests we offer.

Physicians are moving away from the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical practice. The reason for this is the realization that a person’s genetics

Ease of Testing

Gravity Diagnostics testing is non-invasive. Our pharmacogenetic testing requires only a buccal swab, collected by gently rubbing the inside surface of cheek—very convenient, painless and quick. Our toxicology testing requires only a urine sample collected in a specimen cup to be sent in.